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High Praise

"There's nothing I respect more in a fellow writer than work ethic – the drive to work tirelessly, to improve one's craft, to dedicate countless hours towards polishing a collection of poems until it shines so brilliantly that all the blood, sweat, and tears that were put into it disappear completely. I know of few poets who have worked as hard to make thing look effortless as Angelique Palmer."

"With every line she brings us closer to the nuances and complications of “being good”—with every line is the hard fought recognition that yes, we are good. This collection is an affirmation of the soul..."

"The poems of Angelique Palmer’s The Complete Chambermaid’s Style Guide call to me in many voices, at turns whimsical, hard, plaintive, demanding, narrative, lyrical. They put me right up front—hearing, smelling, watching the words twirl like the tornado speaking to its damage."

- William James

 author, rebel hearts & restless ghosts

- Nicelle Davis

 author, The Walled Wife

- Cheryl Clarke

 author, By My Precise Haircut

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